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Department Phone Email
Academic Affairs 515-271-1423
Accounting 515-271-1473
Alumni Relations 515-271-1463
Anatomy 515-271-1620
Basic Life Support
Behavioral Medicine, Medical Humanities and Bioethics 515-271-1627
Biochemistry and Nutrition 515-271-1353
Center for Academic Success and Enrichment 515-271-1516
Center for Teaching and Learning 515-271-1516
Clinic Administration
COM Clinical Affairs 515-271-1557
Community Relations
Continuing Medical Education 515-271-1596
Development 515-271-1387
Enrollment Management and Institutional Research
External and Government Affairs
Family Medicine 515-271-1680
Family Medicine Clinic
Financial Aid 515-271-1470
Foot and Ankle 515-271-1731
Global Health 515-271-1425
Health Information Management
HEARTland Network
Human Performance Laboratory
Human Resources 515-271-1484
Information Technology Services 515-271-1522
Internal Medicine 515-271-1490
Library 515-271-1537
Marketing and Communications 515-271-1028
Microbiology and Immunology 515-271-1509
Multicultural Affairs 515-271-1709
Ophthalmology Clinic
Osteopathic Manual Medicine
Osteopathic Manual Medicine Clinic
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic
Physical Therapy Clinic
Physiology and Pharmacology 515-271-1446
President’s Office
Provost’s Office
Registrar 515-271-1460
Research 515-271-1445
Simulation Center 515-271-1525
Specialty Medicine
Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory
Student Counseling Center
Student Life 515-271-1440
Student Services 515-271-1440
University Services 515-271-1471
Wellness Center 515-271-1396