I am privileged to welcome you to the College of Health Sciences at Des Moines University!

Our College is well known for our exceptional teaching, state-of-the-art student learning environments, community engagement activities, and service to the healthcare professions of physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, public health and healthcare administration. You can explore each of those programs in more detail on our other web pages.

As you consider your future as a healthcare professional, you can choose from a range of nationally recognized, accredited graduate degree programs. An outstanding educational experience awaits you here at DMU that will enrich your life and enhance your career opportunities in the field of health care.

Wallace Boeve, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences

Wallace Boeve
College of Health Sciences
Des Moines University

During your time in the College of Health Sciences, you will get to work with esteemed faculty who are involved in various innovative research activities. Many are recognized for research innovations that are making an impact to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide.

As a part of a specialized medicine and health sciences university within the capital city of Des Moines, Iowa, in the heart of the Midwest, you will be able to take advantage of the rich and diverse cultural environment through fieldwork and internship experiences. We partner with the region’s three health systems and other clinical organizations around the state and across the nation.

I invite you to explore our website and learn more about DMU’s College of Health Sciences. Learn about our rich academic environment, which includes very strong student performance outcomes, thanks to the amazing and dedicated work by award-winning, renowned faculty and staff. Additionally, look forward to exciting expansion plans in facilities and programming to meet the growing healthcare needs around the world. As DMU leads the way into an exciting future, see how together we are keeping the world healthy and productive.

Sincerely yours,

Wallace Boeve, Ed.D., PA-C
Dean, College of Health Sciences

Dean's Office Staff

Robert Loch, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences Robert Loch, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Dean Clinical and Student Affairs
Dennis Culver, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences Dennis Culver, M.S.
Instructional Design Coordinator
Kim Fairley, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences Kim Fairley
Clinical Lead Specialist
Olivea Mead, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences Olivea Mead
Data and Project Coordinator
Karen Render, Des Moines University College of Health Sciences Karen Render
Senior Administrative Assistant

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