The Office of the Registrar supports students by utilizing efficient registration processes, maintaining accurate academic records, and meeting federal enrollment reporting requirements to ensure financial aid eligibility.  The office continues its support for DMU graduates through degree verification as requested for employment, licensure and hospital privileges.

Looking for the academic calendar?

Commonly Requested


Within the guidelines set forth by FERPA (where applicable), registrar staff:

  • Maintain current student addresses
  • Respond to requests for deferment, transcripts, verification of education, secondary/replacement diplomas
  • Assist with course registrations, new student orientation and commencement
  • Maintain and archive student/graduate academic records
  • Determine the academic calendar
  • Oversee and coordinate room reservation and usage
  • Participate in updating the University catalog and college/program handbooks
  • Calculate enrollment data and report to state/federal agencies as requested (IPEDS, NSLC, AACOM)
  • Determine daily lecture/lab/exam schedules for the College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Students who previously separated from a program prior to graduating may petition to be reinstated by completing a Reinstatement Petition Form.
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