Community Relations

Living our mission of outreach in our community

With over 40 community partners, our students, faculty and staff are committed to engaging beyond the campus to make a difference in the lives of those we touch.

DMU's commitment to community is evident in our academics as well as club activities and staff service projects, which prioritize making an impact in the areas of health, education and diversity.

Community service: Volunteer opportunities abound

Des Moines University has more than 60 student clubs, many of which are engaged in ongoing volunteer relationships and outreach events. Employees receive 16 hours of community service leave with organizations such as the American Red Cross and Meals from the Heartland.


Education and Outreach: Empowering our Communities

DMU offers presentations and workshops on medical and health issues. Programs such as our Mini Medical School, B.R.O.S. and G.E.M.S. expose attendees to medical professions and topics and others empower community members to take charge of their own health. Learn more about youth and school outreach.

Community Medicine: Serving those in need

DMU presents several health fairs annually focused on serving school-age children, seniors and people with disabilities. We also partner with organizations for screenings at various community events. Our ability to accommodate requests for community medicine assistance is limited.


Contact Us for Assistance

We are happy to answer questions related to community service, community medicine, school or youth presentations.

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“When I was in fourth grade, I went on a field trip to DMU and got to hold cadaver organs. I was extremely fascinated by them and then later that same year I was exposed to health care as a patient. These experiences combined got me interested in medicine and DMU more specifically. In high school, I returned to DMU for their Mini Medical School outreach program. I loved every second and knew I wanted to become an osteopathic physician.”

Cortney Elkin, D.O.'25, OMM Fellow

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