DMU is committed to preparing our students for the challenges of rapid diversification of our communities. We strive to provide opportunities for students to gain the intercultural competency skills they need to effectively serve and improve the lives of all individuals. By helping students understand, value and incorporate into practice diversity’s multiple dimensions, DMU faculty and staff continue to prepare and educate diverse groups of highly competent and compassionate future health professionals.

DMU students have many opportunities and experiences to gain skill sets that will enhance and contribute to their personal and professional development. Part of that development is to become culturally competent. We will challenge you to examine your own cultural biases and stereotypes in your educational journey here. The end result will equip and empower you to be a part of a global health care system that responds appropriately to and is inclusive in delivering positive health outcomes for a multicultural society.

Diversity at Des Moines University is a campus environment shaped by individuals and groups that offer a broad spectrum of cultural differences, life experiences and distinct characteristics.

These include, but are not limited to: educational background and performance, gender, race/ethnicity, age, socio-economic background, leadership qualities, employment experiences, talents, geographical background and other attributes that affirm the University's commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

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Rich A. Salas, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity Officer
Helena Mica
Multicultural Affairs Coordinator
Marcy Burkhead
Administrative Assistant

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