DMU student with Iowa legislatorThe Office of External and Governmental Affairs supports the DMU campus and greater community with our vision to be a policy consultant and catalyst in healthy community discussions and transformations. As an institution, we are committed to providing community service with approved time out of the office that encourages our employees and students to support community partners. Every day, we make a difference helping those organizations in alignment with DMU’s mission and vision. 

President Franklin with students at the Iowa State CapitolAs a major provider of graduates in the health care professions, it is a priority for us at Des Moines University to take a leadership role at the state and federal levels on issues important to our institution and graduates. We work to coordinate opportunities for our students to meet and work with members of the Iowa Legislature. Each year, students tell us how important they consider their early experience in the legislative advocacy process. They learn first-hand the value of being involved in policy discussions for their professions and the proper procedures for engaging with elected officials.

For more information on how to become involved in government and community relations efforts, please contact Sue Huppert.

Legislative Agenda

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