Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to helping COM students achieve their academic goals.  It is optimized to provide exemplary service through data analysis, outcomes tracking, testing, course evaluation, course support, and policy implementation.  The preclinical program for D.O. students is designed to give students a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences.  This base will allow students to build upon their content knowledge as they move into the clerkship training environment where they will grow in patient care and diagnostic skills.  All D.O. students must pass the NBOME COMLEX Level 1 Board Examination before entering the clinical phase of their training. Students in the masters' programs are trained in the anatomical sciences (MSA program) or biomedical sciences (MSBS program) to give them a solid background for doctoral level graduate programs or careers in anatomy education, academic research, or applied biology.


  • to promote the ideals of the Osteopathic profession through education aligned with the AOA Core Competencies and the DMU campus-wide learning outcomes
  • to support COM faculty in delivering the curriculum for students in the D.O., MSBS and MSA programs
  • to provide a learning environment that leads to student success


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