Osteopathic manual medicine (OMM), also known as osteopathic manipulative medicine, is a hands-on, noninvasive set of skills used to treat all systems of the body.

Our trained osteopathic physicians use their hands to diagnose and treat compensations in these systems of the body that arise from disease, illness and/or injury. OMM allows the body to function more efficiently, supporting the ability to fight off disease and more easily recover from illness and injury.

While medication, surgery, and other forms of conventional treatment are important components of patient care, manually diagnosing and treating our patients allows our physicians to provide excellent care with a paradigm shift from a focus on disease toward a focus on health.

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What to Expect During Your Treatment

During an evaluation, your osteopathic physician may move your muscles, joints, connective tissue, bones and organ systems using techniques such as gentle pressure, range of motion, resistance and stretching. The osteopathic physicians at our clinic also strive to understand all aspects of their patients’ lives that may be affecting their health and wellness potential.

Conditions that can be treated with OMM

People of all ages, from infants to the elderly, top athletes to workers with job-related injuries, can benefit from osteopathic medicine. Common problems that osteopathic manipulation and treatment can address include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain of the back, neck, and joints (such as damaged, bulging or herniated discs)
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain, concussions, and whiplash syndromes
  • Acute and chronic conditions that do not respond to conventional treatment, such as chronic infections, conditions unresponsive to antibiotics, and neurological, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders
  • Pregnancy associated concerns including low back pain, hip pain, swelling, reflux and other concerns
  • Colic in infants, chronic infections in infants, issues with the neck and head, birth trauma and failure to thrive. Learn more about OMM for pediatric patients.
  • Traumatic injuries to the head
  • Overuse syndromes of work, sports, music or other related injuries

Training Tomorrow’s Osteopathic Physicians

Because we are affiliated with a medical school, our clinicians are more than just providers; they are mentors, teachers, and researchers who are training the next generation of highly competent, compassionate health care professionals. You will benefit from our clinician’s and student’s shared expertise, dedication to patient-centered care, and commitment to cutting-edge health education.

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