Our Mission

The mission of Facilities Management is to provide and maintain physical facilities which meet the current and future needs of the Des Moines University community, in support of the overall mission of the University. Facilities Management is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the campus and university owned properties. Services include plant operations and maintenance, environmental services, grounds maintenance, conference room setup and office move management. Facilities Management also manages University fleet vehicles, ID badge issuance and Security services.


Our Staff

Debra Ades, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementDebra Ades
Day Custodial Supervisor
Pam AndersonPam Aldridge
Philip Baughman, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementPhilip Baughman
Campus Services Manager
Greg Blaylock
HVAC Technician
Dania Catalan, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementDania Catalan
Alexander Cordle, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementAlexander Cordle
Maintenance Tech
Olga FloreaOlga Florea
Front Office and Facilities Associate
Dominic Godinez
Building and Grounds Manager
John Harris, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementJohn Harris
Director of Facilities Management
Rosa JuradoRosa Jurado
Custodial Manager
Leigh Lettington, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementLeigh Lettington
Facilities Office Administrator
Lorena Lopez
Ryan Strum, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementRyan Strum
Mail Carrier
Jeff WagnerJeffrey Wagner
Jack Whitten photoJack Whitten
Wendi Wingerson photoWendi Wingerson
Facilities Administrative Assistant
James Yacko, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementJames Yacko
Maintenance Technician
Kristofer Yule, Des Moines University Facilities ManagementKristofer Yule
Maintenance Tech

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