Office of Dean Gregory Christiansen, D.O. 

Gregory Christiansen, D.O.
Dean Gregory Christiansen, D.O.

Des Moines University has a long and rich history at the school that dates back over 120 years. Our students are some of the most competitive medical students in the country – osteopathic or allopathic. The reason for that is simple; quality. We focus on a quality medical education, a quality research program, and quality clinical experiences.

We do this for two reasons. First, our students must have quality training in order to be competitive in a world that now has more graduates of medical institutions than there are graduate medical education positions (residencies). Second, and perhaps even more important is that we want to feel comfortable that every single graduate is of a caliber that we would want taking care of our own family. That second metric is perhaps a little harder to objectify but is one that we take very seriously.

The landscape of medicine is changing. The Affordable Care Act now makes preventive medicine a center piece in order to decrease downstream healthcare costs. Preventive medicine and a holistic approach have always been at the center of the osteopathic medicine concepts, which now changes the importance and prominence of the profession. We are also entering into an era of medical home, where the team takes care of the patient and works to keep someone healthy, versus a single practitioner working to fight disease. Payment structures, policies, and numerous other changes are afoot.

But the importance and stature of the greatest profession on Earth still continue. To be a physician means to be personally invested in healing the sick, in helping the lives of others at times that are darkest and most perilous, and in keeping people alive and healthy to allow them to impact the lives of others. I can think of no greater responsibility, except maybe for one: training those physicians.

Dean’s Office Staff

Sonya Collier


Student Graduate/Medical Education Coordinator
College of Osteopathic Medicine

Alison JC Noftsger


Senior Administrative Assistant
College of Osteopathic Medicine