College of Osteopathic Medicine

Top advantages in medical education

For more than 120 years, doctors of osteopathic medicine, or D.O.s, have practiced a philosophy of patient care that focuses on the whole person, not just specific symptoms or injuries.

DMU is one of the institutions producing most of the primary care physicians in the nation (M.D. or D.O.).

DMU’s D.O. students consistently outperform the national pass rates for board examinations. For example, the Class of 2022 achieved a 97.7% pass rate on Level 1 of COMLEX, the licensure exam for U.S. osteopathic physicians. That made the class the top scorer in the nation.

Our Mission

To improve lives in our global community by educating diverse groups of highly competent and compassionate osteopathic physicians, health educators, researchers and scholars.

Our Vision

  • The College of Osteopathic Medicine will be a leader in innovative medical education, both undergraduate and graduate, by meeting the highest standards of academic and clinical achievement.
  • The College of Osteopathic Medicine will be a cultivator of distinctive educators and students who discover, disseminate, and apply new knowledge.
  • The College of Osteopathic Medicine, through innovative design, will develop methods and processes to educate our students in the pursuit of delivering services that enhance health, wellness and education in our local, national, and global communities.
  • The College of Osteopathic Medicine will engage in and enable research and scholarly activity to advance the knowledge of health care, osteopathic medicine and in the sciences and technologies that will shape medicine, science, and education.
  • The College of Osteopathic Medicine will encourage, enable, and enhance the creation and development of graduate medical education, by lending support, education, and resources to further the goal of creating graduate opportunities in osteopathic medicine.
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