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The mission of the biochemistry and nutrition department is to educate the students of the University, to engage in scholarly activity and to serve the University and the community.


The faculty of the biochemistry and nutrition department will be recognized for the quality of teaching and research as well as for their efforts in promoting wellness.

Our faculty members conduct research spanning diverse areas such as regulation of glycogen storage, the biology of pathogenic yeast and visual neuroscience and genetics. We also participate in the ground-breaking Healthy Cooking elective.

In addition to delivering lectures and review sessions to the D.O., D.P.T. and PA programs, the department participates in DMU’s graduate program in biomedical sciences. This umbrella program involves more than a dozen mentors from three campus departments. We also provide review lectures to residents and fellows at Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, and in the University of Iowa’s developmental neurobiology program.

The biochemistry and nutrition department supports another opportunity for student research, DMU’s Summer Research program. This campus-wide program has trained more than 260 undergraduate and medical students since 2001. The department faculty provide immunology and microbiology activities as well for various student groups on and off DMU’s campus.

Our staff members participate in additional activities such as global health and the DMU mobile clinic.

We invite you to explore the opportunities in the biochemistry and nutrition department.


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