Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Logo The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) mentor network is comprised of DMU alumni and current students. DMU Alumni volunteer their time to share information and knowledge with current DMU students about their education, career choices and transitioning to life after DMU. DMU Students have the opportunity to connect with DMU alumni to gain knowledge and ask questions about their future careers.

Complete the ASK application to become an ASK member. Once your application is processed, you can access the ASK Directory through DMU Connect and receive invitations to participate in ASK events held on campus or via video conference during the year. Be sure to connect on the Des Moines University Alumni & Students LinkedIn group.

Alumni Benefits

  • Provides a connection with current students, your future colleagues.
  • Understand the current campus community from a student’s point of view.
  • Give back to your alma mater by volunteering your time.

Student Benefits

  • Develop and expand your knowledge.
  • Take advantage of free professional networking opportunities.
  • Make connections with your future colleagues and the Alumni Association before graduation.

As an ASK participant, you are expected to abide by the following expectations. By joining ASK, you are agreeing to these terms.

  1. Complete and maintain a current profile through DMU Connect, including updates to contact information.
  2. Act with integrity by responding to all correspondence from staff, students or alumni in a timely manner.
  3. Maintain a career/academic-focused relationship, avoiding all situations that could be perceived as unprofessional or improper.
  4. Exercise patience with students or alumni at different developmental or career-related stages.
  5. Communicate honestly but respectfully.
  6. Notify appropriate staff, student or alumni, if unable to maintain a commitment.
  7. Report to Development and Alumni Relations office any misconduct, criminal activity, or other concerns that are reported to you.
  8. Be proud to be a part of ASK and help others in their development.
Questions? Visit the ASK Events & Details page or contact the Development and Alumni Relations office at 515-271-1463 or
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