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Administration and Board of Trustees



Kimberly Brown


Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
DMU Administration
Gray, Jeffrey-54727

Jeffrey Gray


Vice President, Research
DMU Administration

Stephanie Greiner

Chief Development Officer
DMU Administration

Sue Huppert

Chief External and Governmental Affairs Officer
DMU Administration
Lade, Becky-39463

Becky Lade

Chief Human Resources Officer
DMU Administration
Linden, Erika-39594

Erika Linden

Chief Compliance Officer
DMU Administration
Peiffer, Mark-54719

Mark Peiffer

Chief Financial Officer
DMU Administration
Carolyn Weaver

Carolyn Weaver


Chief Information Officer
DMU Administration


Cahalan, Jodi-39279

Jodi Cahalan

Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S., PA-C, DFAAPA

Dean, College of Health Sciences
Bret Ripley, D.O., FACOFP, FPLI

Bret Ripley


Interim Dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Yoho, Robert-39282

Robert Yoho


Dean, College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the University. The Board oversees the affairs of the University and works closely with the President to monitor the strategic initiatives. Board members are community, civic, business and professional leaders committed to the DMU’s mission and vision. The University has been a member of the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities since January 1971.

Emeritus Trustees

  • Anderson, William G., D.O., FACOS
  • Brown, Richard D.O.
  • Bucholz, Gilbert S., D.O.
  • Button, Jennie Tripson, D.O.
  • Diamond, Martin D.O.
  • Fisher, Sue, D.O.
  • Glanton, Willie Stevenson, Esq.
  • Goldstein, Murray, D.O.
  • Kotz, Richard M., D.O.
  • Levy, Ralph, D.O.
  • McKinney, Max, D.O.
  • Rosenblatt, Edwin, D.P.M.
  • Rothman, David, D.O., MACOI
  • Sutton, Sara E., D.O.
  • Yungclas, Patricia


  • Abramsohn, Julius L, D.O.
  • Agnew, John C., D.O.
  • Astley, J.R.
  • Baker, Joseph B., D.O.
  • Baldridge, John
  • Coatney, Richard F., D.O.
  • Connolly, John Jr., Esq.
  • Elmets, Harry B., D.O.
  • Glanton, Luther T., Judge
  • Groff, Irwin G., D.O.
  • Hannam, H. Dean
  • Kreamer, Robert, M., D.O.
  • Lerner, Alfred D., Judge
  • Levitt, Madelyn M. (Maddie)
  • Magen, Myron S., D.O., FACOP
  • Mckinney, Harold E.
  • Mcnerney, J. R., D.O.
  • Mullin, Dorothy V., D.O.
  • Olsen, Ralph A.
  • Petersen, Glenn C.
  • Rosenblatt, Jerry G.,  D.O.
  • Ruza, Paul, D.O.
  • Shimoda, K. George, D.O.
  • Swarzman, Roy L.
  • Toriello, Dante, D.O.
  • Waldinger, Mose
  • Wilson, Bryce, E., D.O.