Developed in 2007, the Iowa Simulation Center for Patient Safety and Clinical Skills at Des Moines University gives students and residents exceptional opportunities to experience clinical scenarios, learn procedures and hone evidence-based practices in diagnostics, work-up and treatment – before they treat actual patients.

The state-of-the-art facility – encompassing the Simulation LaboratorySurgery Skills Lab, Basic Life Support Laboratory and Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory – allows students to develop and improve their diagnostic and clinical skills and patient care abilities using medical mannequins, cutting-edge technology and trained simulated patients, all with the supervision, guidance and feedback of outstanding faculty and experienced medical professionals.

The simulation center is used for training DMU students in the osteopathicpodiatricphysician assistant and physical therapy programs throughout all levels of their education. The exposure to immersive simulated medical scenarios reinforces what they are learning in the classroom and other labs and better prepares them for clinical practice. Students learn the science and fine arts of triage, bedside care, problem-solving and adaptability. Additionally, the Simulation Center stresses the importance of communication skills, leadership, teamwork and interprofessional training.

The Iowa Simulation Center, the best in the region, is part of Des Moines University’s commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities.

Faculty and Staff

Scott Bruxvoort

Standardized Patient Educator

Melinda Carriker

Standardized Patient Educator

Joe Case

Simulation Technical Specialist

Ashley Kern

Administrative Assistant

Brenda Scovel

Surgical Skills Lab Coordinator