DMU’s microbiology and immunology department is dedicated to excellence in research and education.

Each of the department faculty lead active, productive research programs in their areas of expertise including tumor immunology, host/parasite interactions, bacterial pathogenesis and bacterial antibiotic resistance, fungal pathogenesis and molecular virology. In addition to providing microbiology and immunology lectures to DMU’s clinical students (D.O., D.P.M., D.P.T. and PA), the department participates in DMU’s graduate program in biomedical sciences. This umbrella program involves more than a dozen mentors from three campus departments.

The microbiology and immunology department supports another opportunity for student research, DMU’s summer research program. This campus-wide program has trained more than 260 undergraduate and medical students since 2001. The department faculty also provide immunology and microbiology activities for various student groups on and off DMU’s campus.

We invite you to explore the opportunities in the microbiology and immunology department.