DMU strives to fully disclose information important to prospective and enrolled students.  In compliance with federal regulations and in support of our institutional priority for transparency the following information is available.

If you need additional information, including requesting a paper copy of any materials, you may contact the appropriate office, visit the indicated website or contact the Financial Aid office.

Student handbooks are available for enrolled students on Pulse.

General University Information

Academic Programs and Degree Information

Information concerning DMU’s current educational programs
Accreditation Organizations

Information related to institutional/program accreditations
Costs of Attending DMU

Information on tuition, fees, books, equipment  and other expenses
Faculty Information
Campus Facilities
Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Policy

Information for students seeking to officially withdraw from DMU
Transfer Credit and Articulation Agreements Information

Financial Assistance Information

Types of Financial Aid for Students

Includes federal, state, institutional, other types of need and non–need- based aid.
How to Apply for Aid
How Loans are Calculated and Disbursed  
Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid
Satisfactory Academic Requirements for Financial Aid Eligibility
How Refunds are Determined

Complaint Process

Student Complaint Process

Out of State Students

Health and Safety Information

Alcohol and Drugs

Information on policies and resources available
Annual Security Report

Information regarding public safety
Emergency Procedures

Information on notification and procedures for different types of emergencies

DMU policies regarding vaccinations

Distance Learning

Complaint Proccess
 Authorization Status in Other States

Other Information

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA)

Policy and procedure for students with disabilities to request accommodations
Copyright Infringement and Peer to Peer File Sharing Policies
Diversity (fall enrollment)

Information about student body diversity, including the number of enrolled full-time students by gender and race/ethnicity

Outcomes, Graduation and Placement Rates

Textbook Information

Required texts and pricing information
Voter Registration

Information on voting in local, state, and federal elections, including Iowa voter registration
College Navigator
Constitution Day