Department Phone Email
Accounting 515-271-1473 Email Department
Admissions 515-271-1499 Email Department
Anatomy 515-271-1620 Email Department
Animal Care Facility
Basic Life Support
Behavioral Medicine, Medical Humanities and Bioethics 515-271-1627 Email Department
Biochemistry and Nutrition
Board of Trustees
Center for Educational Enhancement 515-271-1516

Student Education Center (SEC)
Second Floor (next to the Rare Book Room)
Email Department
Clinic 515-271-1700
Clinic Administration
College of Health Sciences 515-271-1650 Email College
College of Osteopathic Medicine 515-271-1513 Email College
College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
COM Academic Affairs Email Department
COM Clinical Affairs Email Department
Community Relations Email Department
Compliance 515-271-1465 Email Department
Continuing Medical Education 515-271-1596 Email Department
Development & Alumni Relations 515-271-1387 Email Department
Diversity and Multicultural Affairs 515-271-1524
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program
Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Program
External and Governmental Affairs Email Department
Facilities Management 515-271-1628 Email Department
Family and Internal Medicine
Family Medicine Clinic 515-271-1710
Financial Aid 515-271-1470 Email Department
Foot and Ankle Clinic 515-271-1731
Global Health Email Department
Human Performance Laboratory
Human Resources 515-271-1484 Email Department
Information Technology Services 515-271-1522 Email Department
Library 515-271-1537 Email Department
Marketing and Communications Email Department
Master of Health Care Administration Program
Master of Public Health Program
Master of Science in Anatomy Program
Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program
Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program
Matthew’s DMU Bookstore 515-271-7823 Email Department
Microbiology and Immunology 515-271-1509 Email Department
Osteopathic Manual Medicine
Osteopathic Manual Medicine Clinic 515-271-1722
Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences Program
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic 515-271-1722
Physical Therapy Clinic 515-271-1717
Physiology and Pharmacology 515-271-1584 Email Department
President’s Office
Provost’s Office
Radiology Clinic 515-271-1715
Registrar 515-271-1460 Email Department
Research 515-271-1445 Email Department
Simulation Center 515-271-1358 Email Department
Specialty Medicine
Standardized Performance Assessment Laboratory
Student Affairs 515-271-1684 Email Department
Student Counseling Center 515-271-1392 Email Department
Summerfield’s Cafe 515-271-1414 Email Department
Wellness Center 515-271-1396 Email Department
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