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Scholarships and Loan Repayment Programs

There are many scholarships available to students, but there is no all-inclusive source that accurately lists every scholarship available.You are encouraged to do a little research on your own. Start within your own community, some organizations may have scholarships available. These include but are not limited to, fraternal organizations, unions, religious organizations, medical offices, clinics, professional associations, county programs, state programs, employers, parent’s employers, hospitals etc. There are legitimate web sites for scholarships, but for the most part if they ask for money you might want to try a different site.

There are also books available at most libraries with reliable information.

Throughout the year the financial aid office receives numerous notices of available scholarships .General scholarships are posted on the Pulse financial aid page. Check as often as you like. If a scholarship has specific requirements such as field of study, academic performance, geographic restrictions etc., the financial aid office will try to identify qualified applicants and forward the application materials or contact the student directly.

Treatment of Scholarships

All scholarships are treated as a financial resource and count toward the student budget. This includes HPSP (military) and NHSC scholarships. The entire value of these scholarships includes tuition, books, stipend and other miscellaneous reimbursed expenses. A student may receive other financial aid resources to meet the difference between the scholarship value and the student budget. If a student received financial aid up to the budget and then receives a late award the entire package is recalculated. If possible second disbursements are lowered, if not the late award is sent to the lender to reduce the amount of loans.

Program-Specific Scholarships and Loan Repayment Programs