Physical Examination and Immunization Policies

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Health Requirements

DO, DPM, DPT, PA, OTD, MSBS, MSA and PhD Programs

  • MMR vaccinations or positive titers.
  • Tetanus vaccination, including a Tdap; Td/Tdap booster due every 10 years.
  • Varicella vaccinations or positive titer.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination and a positive surface antibody.
  • A 2-step TB test or an IGRA test dated within one year of enrollment; for those with a positive TB test history: documentation of the positive test, a chest x-ray report dated after the positive test, and a record of latent TB prophylaxis if completed; annual surveillance thereafter.
  • History and Physical Exam – on DMU’s forms.

Strongly Recommended Vaccinations

  • Flu vaccination is not required for enrollment or during non-clinical years.
  • Covid-19 vaccination is not required for enrollment.
  • Both flu and Covid-19 vaccinations are strongly recommended to keep our campus population healthy and well.

Required During Clinical Years

  • Flu vaccination is required during clinical rotation years.
  • Fit testing for an N95 respirator may be required, depending upon the program.
  • Rotation sites may have various health requirements above and beyond what DMU requires for enrollment.
    • Effective with the incoming classes of 2022, requirements will be managed through CastleBranch.
    • Enrolled students will be sent instructions for how to create an order in DMU’s CastleBranch account prior to the beginning of classes.
    • Required forms, instructions, and due dates will be accessible via CastleBranch.
    • Students should begin gathering their vaccination records as soon as possible.
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