Title IX at Des Moines University

Erika Linden, DMU’s Chief Compliance Officer, is the University’s Title IX Coordinator. She coordinates the University’s response to complaints of sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, relationship violence, and other forms of sexual misconduct, as well as retaliation.

If you have been the victim of sexual misconduct or are aware of sexual misconduct and would like to find out about how the University can help you, contact Ms. Linden at 515-271-1526 or erika.linden@dmu.edu. The Chief Compliance Officer has designated other appropriately trained individuals to investigate sex discrimination and harassment complaints and reports. You may contact these University designees to report concerns or ask questions about DMU’s sexual misconduct response procedures.

Becky Lade
Chief Human Resources Officer

Alicia Lynch
Director of Student Affairs and Conduct Officer

If you seek assistance from a trusted faculty member of other University staff member, please be aware that most University employees (other than counseling or medical professionals) are required to report any information they receive about possible Title IX violations to the Title IX Coordinator.

The University’s Student Counseling Center serves as a confidential resource for students who are impacted by sexual misconduct. Any concerns reported to the professionals in the Student Counseling Center will not be reported to the Title IX Coordinator.

The University has also developed a resource guide for individuals who may have experienced sexual misconduct, Your Options and Rights as a Victim of Sexual Misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination and Harassment Prohibition Policies

Des Moines University is committed to maintaining a fair and respectful environment for work, study and participation in the life of the University. DMU will not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct or related retaliation against or by any employee or student in connection with University programs. When sexual misconduct has occurred and is brought to the attention of the Title IX Coordinator, DMU will take steps to end the conduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effect. Persons found responsible for sexual misconduct are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal or termination of employment.

In its Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination and Harassment Prohibition policies, the University expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in the administration of, or in connection with, its educational programming or employment practices and establishes procedures for addressing the misconduct. It intends to fully comply with the requirements of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of the Higher Education Act of 1972.

Compliance with these policies is a term and condition of student enrollment and employment at the University. Questions about these policies or Title IX can be directed to the Chief Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator, Erika Linden, 515-271-1526 or erika.linden@dmu.edu.

External Sexual Harassment and Title IX Resources

U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

For information about frequently asked questions about sexual harassment, visit the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights website.

Other Title IX Resources
Title IX.com

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