The Master of Public Health Program at Des Moines University is proud to be preparing the next generation of public health professionals. The following outcomes measures provide prospective students and other stakeholders valuable information about our program.

Graduation Rate

Final Year Entering Year Graduation Rate Average Years to Completion
2019-20 2012-13 59.2% 3.80*
2018-19 2011-12 67.7%* 4.29*
2017-18 2010-11 54.9% 3.98
2016-17 2009-10 69.4%* 4.46*
2015-16 2008-09 62.0% 3.91

*These classes include students still active in the program as of 7/13/2020. As they complete the program the graduation rate and average time to completion will increase.

Employment Rate (2017-18)

Employment Rate 94%

Source: Graduate and 6-month alumni surveys (average reporting rate 92%)

Alumni Return on Investment of Degree (2017-2018)

Assumed a new position 55%
Received a promotion 18%
Received a raise 18%

Source: Graduate and 6-month alumni surveys (average reporting rate 92%)

Student Learning Assessment Report

In our quest for continuous improvement, all academic programs at Des Moines University undergo an annual review of selected student learning assessment outcome measures.

Download the latest Student Learning Assessment Report

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