Program Outcomes

Graduation Rates

Entering Cohort Graduation Rate
2015-16 92.6%*
2014-15 90.6%
2013-14 88.7%
2012-13 92.6%
2011-12 94.5%

* This class includes students still active in the program as of 7/30/2019. As they complete the program the graduation rate will increase.

CPME Required Outcomes

The Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) requires all colleges of podiatric to make available to the public first-time national board exam pass rates, four-year graduation rates and residency placement rates over the most recent three-year period.

CPME Required Outcomes, September 1, 2019 Percent
Four-year Graduation Rate 2017-2019 (average) 88%
Residency Placement Rate 2017-2019 (average) 100%
Part 1 APMLE Pass Rate 2017-2019 (first-time takers only) 90%
Part 2 APMLE Pass Rate 2017-2019 (first-time takers only) 98%
Part 2 APMLE CSPE Pass Rate 2017-2019 (first-time takers only) 97%

Council on Teaching Hospital  (COTH) Survey

COTH annually surveys residency directors at the completion of each resident’s first postgraduate training year on five major competency domains. These are the College and National “adequate/more than adequate” results for 2017 graduates.

Scholarship Outcomes

There has been an increased emphasis on research in CPMS. Two quality measures used to follow the progress of the CPMS research enterprise are peer review publications and students participating in the DMU Mentored Research Program.

Alumni Survey

The CPMS Alumni Survey is completed on a five-year cycle. The purpose of the survey is to collect important information on changes and trends in the practice of podiatric medicine. The College also uses this information to identify opportunities to increase alumni engagement and to enhance the podiatric curriculum. The following charts represent the results from the August 2018 CPMS Alumni Survey. The response rate for the survey distributed to graduates from the classes of 1986-2015 was 35.3%

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