Data on this page was modified from MSBS self-study standard 5 originally authored by Dr. Marie Nguyen.

Graduation Rate

No. students entering program252658125.7
Graduation Rate (%)10080ᵅ10010080ᵇ87.5ᵅ87.5ac87.5
Avg time to degree completion (yrs)2.582.0422.51.732.22.42.2

aone student administratively dropped
bRemaining students currently active
cone student withdrew

Employment Outcomes

 Clinical Academic Industry Other
 41% 28% 25% 6%

Clinical – Includes matriculation into DO, DPM,  and PA programs.
Academic – Includes teaching or research in an academic setting or entry into a Ph.D. program.
Industry – Includes research positions in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical company, or government lab.
Other – Employment unknown or unrelated to MSBS degree

Student’s Top Reasons for Choosing the M.S.B.S Program at DMU

  • Small program size
  • Strong faculty interaction
  • Integrated courses with the clinical students
  • Research-focus

Source: 2014 MSBS Student Focus Group Executive Summary (Student Services)