This form is to be used when withdrawing from a course after the term drop/add period.

During the open registration period, students are permitted to add and drop courses via Self Service Student Planning without incurring change in registration fees. After the registration period, there is an add/drop period during which students can add courses and not incur a fee charge and drop courses and not incur a tuition and fee charge (100% reversal/refund of tuition and fee charges occurs within ten business days).

Add/drop dates for each term will be published on the term course calendar and in the course syllabus as well. Should these dates conflict, the add/drop date published on the calendar will take precedence. Any change in registration may affect financial aid eligibility in the current and/or future terms.

Students who withdraw or do not complete all courses and have received financial aid will be subject to Federal Title IV refund provisions. In the event a Title IV refund is necessary, the refund may leave a balance on the student’s tuition account that must be paid. See complete refund policy on Pulse financial aid page. Students with financial aid should refer to the satisfactory academic progress policy (on Pulse financial aid page) to determine how withdrawals and failing grades may impact future financial aid. 

Students withdrawing from a course after the drop/add period must submit the course withdrawal form located below.

  1. For students withdrawing (‘dropping’) from a course prior to the end of the term drop/add period: Tuition and fee charges are reversed; there is no record of the course on the transcript.
  2. For students withdrawing after the term drop period and prior to the course midpoint: Full tuition and fees are charged; a grade of “W” is recorded on the transcript. To receive a “W” on the transcript, withdrawal from single-weekend courses/seminars must be received prior to the first session rather than the midpoint. Withdrawal following a weekend course/seminar will be recorded as a “WF”.
  3. For students withdrawing after the midpoint of the course: Full tuition and fees are charged; a grade of “WF” is recorded on the transcript.

Students must notify the course instructor(s) of their intent to withdraw prior to submitting the course withdrawal form in order to discuss the implications of the withdrawal.

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  • Course Withdrawal

  • I understand if I withdraw from a course(s) after the term add/drop period has ended, tuition and fee charges will not be refunded.

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