Degree or Enrollment Verification

DMU has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide letters of enrollment and degree verifications (a fee may be required).  State board forms must be completed by the Office of the Registrar, and there is no fee for this service.

For Currently Enrolled students (no fee required):


A student who has previously withdrawn from an academic program, or been administratively dropped based upon program guidelines, may petition to be reinstated in the academic program.

Replacement Diplomas

DMU replacement diplomas may be requested by completing our online request form.

  • Please note replacement diplomas are issued in the format currently used, listing the institution name as “Des Moines University”, display the signatures of the current University officials, and the degree as originally conferred.


DMU transcripts may be requested using the online transcript request form. Current students are not assessed fees for these services.

Name and Demographic Change Requests

Students and alumni submitting a name change request must submit a copy of the new SSN card and legal name-change document (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order).  Please note that it will take several weeks to receive a new card following a request to the SSN office.

Students and alumni submitting a change to their legal sex designation must submit documentation (e.g. court documentation, updated birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.).

Submit a change in legal name and/or sex designation

AAMC ERAS Fellowship Document Submission Process

Des Moines University will upload both your MSPE and DMU transcript to the ERAS MIDUS EFDO submission services.

After requesting a token from the ERAS Fellowship Documents Office (EFDO), please visit the Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) page for further instructions. Please enter our information below and EFDO will send us a link for each document to be uploaded on your behalf.

Des Moines University
Office of the Registrar
3200 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312
Phone: 515.271.1460
Fax: 515.271.7025

Letter of Recommendation

We will make every effort to supply the letter by the requested date indicated on the form.  Please provide a reasonable timeframe in which to do so. Please contact the academic program administrative assistant with any questions about the Letter of Recommendation process outlined below:

  1. Student submits Letter of Recommendation request form and signs form electronically.
  2. Upon submission, the completed form will route to the appropriate Academic Assistant who will manage communication with the applicable faculty member.
  3. Letter of Recommendation - Faculty member prepares a letter of recommendation. The letter and associated request form are retained per the Program’s process (e.g. in a student file, on a shared drive, on a SharePoint site, etc.).

    Recommendation - If the faculty recommendation is provided by phone, the faculty member will document the phone call (date and identity of recipient) and retain the documentation per the Program’s process (e.g. in a student file, on a shared drive, on a SharePoint site, etc.).

  4. Letters of recommendations, and documentation of verbal recommendations, and the associated forms must be retained by the program while active plus three years.

Submit a Letter of Recommendation request

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