1. If I haven’t been brushing my teeth often enough, I may end up with bleeding from my gums, a condition called
    • hepatitis
    • colitis
    • gingivitis
    • stomatitis
    • proctitis
  2. A patient has had a diagnosis of colon cancer and will need surgical removal of the colon. She will end up with a permanent hole in her abdomen for drainage into a bag. The permanent opening is called a
    • megacolon
    • colitis
    • colonoscopy
    • colostomy
    • colectomy
  3. You have been having chronic pains in your upper abdomen, and your family physician refers you to a specialist in diseases of the digestive tract called a
    • cardiologist
    • pulmonologist
    • neurologist
    • gastroenterologist
    • proctologist
  4. You have just been diagnosed as having an enlarged liver. The doctor describes it as
    • megacolon
    • hepatomegaly
    • macrostomia
    • hepatitis
    • gastroenteritis
  5. You have taken your friend to the emergency room with severe lower back pain and blood in his urine. After examination and lab tests, the physician reports that your friend has an inflammation of his kidneys and makes a diagnosis of
    • hepatitis
    • cystitis
    • proctitis
    • nephritis
    • orchiditis
  6. Your friend who is a long distance runner is told by his physician that he has an enlarged heart, but that this can be a normal finding in well conditioned athletes. The doctor writes on his chart that your friend has
    • hepatomegaly
    • cardiomegaly
    • megacolon
    • macrostomia
    • myocarditis
  7. Your mother is having her uterus surgically removed along with her ovaries. Removal of ovaries is called
    • hysterectomy
    • orchidectomy
    • appendectomy
    • oophorectomy
    • gastrectomy
  8. A patient has become sterile due to chronic inflammation of her uterine tubes from frequent infection with sexually transmitted diseases. This tubal inflammation is called
    • endometritis
    • perimetritis
    • salpingitis
    • hepatitis
    • proctitis
  9. A patient with epilepsy has had a procedure performed that records brain electrical activity. This procedure is called
    • electrocardiography
    • electroencephalography
    • electromyography
    • electrogastrography
    • electrophoresis
  10. A female patient has a special X-ray procedure of the breasts performed. The X-ray image is called a
    • mammoplasty
    • mammoplasia
    • mammography
    • mastectomy
    • mammogram


Well, how did you do on your first quiz? If you got half or more right, you are doing well. If you got less then half right, don’t get discouraged. It can take a while to get the hang of a new language. Back up as many frames as you need to review and retake the quiz. I bet you will do better. Repetition is the mother of memory! Then move on.

I must admit that a couple of the questions were tricky. You had to read them carefully to get what I was asking for and to choose the right answer. I said this would be interesting, even fun. I never said it would be easy!

We will move on to organ systems starting with the circulatory system, the heart and vessels. The format will be first presenting common roots, prefixes and suffixes, then a listing of common diseases of that system followed by a listing of practitioners and common procedures associated with medical practice in that area. You will find that not all terms, particularly disease names, follow the rules of medical terminology. But first, a few more odds and ends need to be covered…

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