Male reproductive system terms

Orchid/o, test/o Testes (male gonad) * Orchiditis, orchidectomy, testicular artery, testosterone (male sex hormone)
Balan/o Head of the penis Balanitis
Andr/o Male Androgenic (stimulating maleness), androgynous (characteristics of male and female appearance)
Prostat/o Prostate Prostatitis, prostatectomy
Vas/o Vessel, duct Vas deferens, vasectomy (duct carrying semen from testes, cutting the duct)
-rrhaphy To suture Herniorrhaphy (surgical correction of inguinal hernia)

*Testis – Did you know that testis, testify, testimonial and testament all share a common root meaning? Testis means “witness” in Latin. As the testis witnesses to manhood, you may witness to the truth at trial, proclaim your favorite brand of corn flakes or witness to your final wishes in your will. If you die without a will, you die “intestate,” without having witnessed.

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