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Female Reproductive System

Female reproductive system terms

Hyster/o, metr/UterusHysterectomy, endometritis (inflammation of the lining of uterus)
Salping/o, -salpinxUterine tubeSalpingitis, hematosalpinx (blood in the uterine tube)
Colp/oVaginaColporrhaphy (suturing a tear), colpoplasty (surgical reconstruction), colposcopy (viewing the interior)
Oophor/oOvaryOophorectomy, oophoropexy (surgery fixation, reattachment)
Men/oMenstruationMenarche (first), dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
Mamm/o, mast/oBreastMammogram, mastectomy
-pareunia, coitusIntercourseDyspareunia (painful intercourse), precoital, postcoital (before and after intercourse)