Digestive system terms

Gastr/oStomachGastritis, Gastrectomy
Hepat/oLiverHepatitis (inflammation of), hepatoma (tumor of)
Chol/eGall, bileCholecystitis, cholecystectomy (inflammation of, removal of gallbladder)
Cyst/oBladder, sac(see above)
Emes/oVomitEmesis (vomiting), emetic (stimulating vomiting), antiemetic (stopping vomiting)
Lith/oStoneCholelithotomy (removal of gall stones)
Lapar/oAbdominal wallLaparotomy (cutting into the abdomen)
-centesisTo punctureAbdominocentesis (puncturing and draining)
-tripsyTo crushCholelithotripsy (smashing gall stones with sound waves)
-rrheaFlow, dischargeDiarrhea
Abnormal conditionCholelithiasis (presence of gall stones causing symptoms)