Based on research and surveys of our stakeholders, the brand attribute messages (BAMs) define Des Moines University – our culture, qualities, and the distinctive ways we carry out our mission. Whatever your role is at DMU, whatever department you serve, you play an important part in making these messages true every day.

These brand attribute messages give us a common language to describe our distinctive character as a University. They empower and support us as DMU’s “brand ambassadors.” They also help inform each of us on how we interact with students, colleagues, alumni, and members of the community. Most important, they should inspire our pride in DMU.

Thank you for being part of Des Moines University. We can all be proud of the important contributions we make every day.

1. By consistently producing outstanding graduates who excel in their careers, DMU maintains one of the strongest reputations in the sphere of American medical education.

Our reputation is built on our legacy as it is consistently reaffirmed by third-party assessments. The quality of the University’s educational programs gives students an advantage when they seek internships and residencies. DMU is on the shortlist of schools, and is even the top-choice institution, for many prospective students; for others, the University often becomes their top choice following a campus visit.

2. DMU’s campus environment is unique among graduate medical universities. There is a palpable sense of positive energy and a culture of inclusivity and wellness.

Like other leading medical and professional schools, DMU’s talented students are ambitious; unlike at other schools, however, the competition among DMU students is unifying rather than aggressive. Support, encouragement, and empathy abound. Faculty and staff embrace and practice this collegiality. They enjoy their work, routinely going above and beyond to help DMU students realize their career dreams.

3. A strong commitment to interdisciplinary research and scholarship at DMU responds to the complex nature of human health and wellness.

By understanding the ways in which each medical field informs the others, students develop a more holistic approach to their practice. DMU faculty and student researchers collaborate, sparking creativity and spontaneous conversations that spark new ways of thinking. This diversity of skills enables graduates to adapt to a variety of professional situations.

4. Des Moines has transformed into a vibrant urban center, replete with arts and entertainment, diversity, entrepreneurship, and the amenities one expects of a thriving metropolitan environment.

Students work hard while they are here, but it’s easy to be engaged in the community. Recreational and social opportunities abound beyond DMU’s campus.

In addition to being the Midwest’s fastest-growing city, Iowa’s capital is also rated as one of the “Best Places to Live” in the United States.

5. Outstanding faculty at DMU brings a compelling blend of professional expertise and a student-focused commitment to education.

They are invested mentors and champions of DMU students. Faculty are active participants in the evolving nature of the medical profession — its best practices, interdisciplinary approach, and technological advances. This engagement provides students a distinct advantage in their careers.

6. DMU has a nationwide network of alumni who are providing communities with high-quality health care services.

This engagement speaks to the value students place on DMU’s teaching philosophy and supportive campus community because they carry this mindset into their careers. DMU alumni are in high demand and the vast majority of graduates are offered further clinical training opportunities or gain employment within months of completing their program.

7. As a dedicated community partner, DMU consistently seeks new ways to improve the lives of its neighbors and engage with fellow leaders in the local health services industry.

The University participates in community health fairs and is active and influential behind the scenes. Faculty experts participate in shaping policy that advocates health care quality, access, and affordability. DMU believes its mission is not only to educate future health professionals but also to serve the public good.

8. The DMU Clinic is a valued institutional resource that provides exceptional holistic care and education for the community.

In addition, the clinic supports the DMU educational mission by providing students with clinical rotation opportunities. Just as students are taught, the clinic is committed to treating people, not patients. The clinic aims to do more than treat illness; it also encourages prevention and wellness by promoting healthy living practices.

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