How to share an announcement

Announcements are posted through Pulse with the option to also share your announcement in the Weekly Dose of DMU email.

Each department also has a Pulse content editor who has the ability to submit Pulse announcements. To request access to post announcements or edit Pulse pages, please contact the Help Desk.

The form is located on the Pulse homepage in the Announcements section. Content managers should see a link that says "+ Add Yours".

How to promote your event

Please go through the official channels listed below and avoid sending mass emails to promote your event if possible.

Students may submit events through OrgSync.

Employees may submit events through the master calendar. Other promotional materials for your event such as digital signage, may be requested by submitting a communications request form

Event promotion workflow

Events submitted through OrgSync and the master calendar will automatically be shared on Pulse and in the Weekly Dose of DMU email that goes out on each Monday morning.

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