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Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Services at the MidAmerican Energy RecPlex

Des Moines University Clinic Physical Therapy is the exclusive provider of physical therapy and athletic training services for the MidAmerican Energy Company RecPlex.

The RecPlex Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Center Space

The Center occupies 5,000 square feet with a dedicated 2,000-square-foot gym space to support physical therapy services, group and individual sport specific training, community education and wellness programming.  The space also has two semi-private and two private treatment rooms, allowing our therapists to meet the diverse therapy needs of patients seen at this location.

DMU has invested in state-of-the-art equipment including high speed treadmill and harness system, Biodex isokinetic testing, functional weight training and balance equipment.

Conditions We Treat

  • Athletic performance

    Our experts diagnose movement issues using wearable technology and motion analysis to assess the biomechanics of sports activity. Improved mechanics decrease strain and improve movement and overall performance.

  • Surgical recovery

    Our therapists help clients recover from surgeries to regain mobility and improve their strength, balance and overall well-being.

  • Balance and fall prevention

    Physical therapy can help address changes in balance, strengthen muscles, and improve your overall physical health to keep you active and well.

  • Manual therapy

    Through the use of manual, hands-on techniques, we will help you improve the mobility of your soft tissues and joints, decrease pain and sensitivity, and restore your ability to move and function at your best.

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