Peer tutoringOne of distinguishing marks of an education at Des Moines University is the collaborative campus atmosphere. Second-year medical students volunteer to help first-year students gain mastery of the required sciences by providing tutoring at no cost. Along with the peer-tutoring program, half of the students in the second-year class serve as OMM teaching assistants, thereby reinforcing their own skills while transferring knowledge to others.

“During my first year, I was so grateful to have second years take time from their busy schedules to help me learn the material for my own classes. They were a lifeline! Their advice was SO helpful in the middle of a crazy first year! It made a huge difference for me, not just in my grades, but to know that DMU is full of students who care about doing their tasks well and who genuinely care about each other doing well too. I am so happy I was able to return the favor my second year.” – Katie Neuer, DO ’15

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