Class of 2027

Class Size: 228

Age: The average age is 24; the range is between 21 and 33.

Sex: 43% of the class is female; 57% is male.

Residency: 16% of students are from Iowa while the remaining students represent 31 states. There is no residency requirement at DMU.

Undergraduate Degrees: The most common undergraduate majors are biology and chemistry; however, any major is considered for admission.

Academic Performance: The average cumulative GPA is 3.66 and average science GPA is 3.59.

MCAT: Average MCAT score is 507.

Experience: Incoming students have medically related experience emphasizing patient contact.

Application Timeline: Successful applicants applied early in the admissions cycle. AACOMAS opens each year in May for the class that begins the following year in July.

Interview: Incoming students displayed strong interview skills, including communication skills, interpersonal behaviors, knowledge of the profession, self-awareness, cultural competency and others.

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