Students enrolled in clinical programs, and students enrolled full time in public health, health care administration, anatomy and biomedical sciences are eligible for free on-campus counseling visits.  All partners of qualifying students may participate in joint relationship counseling sessions when accompanied by the enrolled student.   

To ensure effective communication between the student and the counselor, the Student Counseling Center does not provide counseling through email or other electronic means, unless an on-campus relationship has been established.  Whenever possible, seminars and workshops are recorded for access on Pulse for the benefit of students on rotations and on-line students.  Resources addressing a variety of topics designed to assist students with balancing the rigors of academics and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are also available on the Counseling Center’s Pulse page. 

On occasion, a student may choose to receive services off campus, or may be referred by a counselor for evaluation/treatment to a mental health professional in the community.  Should the student choose to utilize an off-campus provider, payment for these services is the responsibility of the student.  We encourage students to check with their insurance company for participating providers.

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