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All students enrolled at Des Moines University are eligible for services offered by the Student Counseling Center. Students on approved leaves of absence are also eligible during the duration of their leaves. Students living in the state of Iowa may utilize phone or video sessions, provided that the therapist determines that identified concerns may be adequately addressed via distance counseling. Eligibility for services begins one week before the start of a student’s program and extends for 30 days following graduation.

Whenever possible, seminars and workshops are recorded and made available on the SCC’s Pulse page. The page also contains other helpful resources addressing a variety of topics designed to assist students with balancing the rigors of academics and maintaining well-being.

Should students wish to receive services outside of the SCC, they are encouraged to utilize Academic Live Care, which provides 24/7 “in the moment” counseling via phone, video, text or email, as well as unlimited access to ongoing teletherapy, telepsychiatry and telenutrition counseling, and unlimited urgent care telehealth visits. ALC has providers nationwide and all services are free of charge using a DMU-specific website, service key and coupon code. To schedule appointments with ALC providers, visit the ALC Pulse page for more information.

Should a student choose to utilize an off-campus provider other than those associated with ALC, payment for these services is the responsibility of the student. We encourage students to check with their insurance company for participating providers.

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