Keep Calm and Study On!

At the end of the fall and spring semesters, the Student Counseling Center hosts a week of free events to provide students the opportunity to let off some steam and have fun as a break from studying for exams.  Past events have included yoga, ice cream socials, mini-spa, massages, and cookie decorating.  Stay tuned to Pulse and the DMU Facebook page for announcements about the next event.

Stress Management Program

When staring up at a daunting mountain, it may help to talk to someone who has already reached the summit. At DMU, if the stress of beginning graduate school feels insurmountable, this peer-led stress management program, facilitated by second-year students, might be a good idea.  The program offers structured, small-group discussions during the first seven weeks of class. By sharing common concerns, students work toward developing skills to manage stress while creating lasting social connections.


The SCC provides seminars, trainings, and workshops on a variety of topics such as improving sleep, managing stress, enhancing romantic relationships, preventing depression, alleviating test anxiety, and increasing self-esteem.  Students, staff, and faculty may request a specific presentation for a group or class by contacting

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