Hotlines and Community Resources


  • 800-283-9222
    Abuse/Neglect Reporting for Children/Dependent Adults (Iowa)
  • 800-628-9240
    AIDS/HIV Hotline (National)
  • 515-282-8550
    Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline (Iowa)
  • 800-942-0333
    Domestic Violence Intervention Hotline (Iowa)
  • 888-843-4564
    LGBT Community Hotline (National)
  • 515-244-2277
    Narcotics Anonymous Hotline (Iowa)
  • 800-284-7821
    Sexual Abuse Hotline (Iowa)
  • 800-273-8255
    Suicide Prevention Hotline (National)

Des Moines Hospitals

  • 515-241-5437
    Blank Children's Hospital
  • 515-282-2200
    Broadlawns Medical Center
  • 515-263-5612
    Iowa Lutheran Hospital
  • 515-241-6212
    Iowa Methodist Medical Center
  • 515-247-3121
    Mercy Hospital Medical Center
  • 515-699-5999
    Veteran's Affairs Hospital

Des Moines Community Services

  • 515-243-6147
    Children and Families of Iowa (Safe Shelter, Counseling, Advocacy for Family Violence Survivors)
  • 515-286-3798
    Health Department of Polk County (STD Treatment)
  • 515-243-1193
    Legal Aid Society of Polk County
  • 515-256-3600
    Victim Services of Polk County

Need a Break?

Whether you're new to Des Moines, or just looking for some fresh ideas for things to do to relax and unwind, we've compiled a great list of local options for just about any hobby, activity or event you might have interest in. So, take a little time for yourself and discover all that the city has to offer!

There’s an App for That

With all of the apps that are available out there, it can be difficult to know which ones might be helpful. So, the SCC has done some of the work for you! Below are a variety of apps that are our top picks for stress relief. Most are free and all are well-reviewed, so if you’re looking for something new to add to your stress management routine, give them a try!


  1. BellyBio Interactive Breathing
    Platform: iOS
    Price: Free
    Description: BellyBio is based on a biofeedback model, using lights and music that synchronize with your breathing. This then encourages abdominal breathing to reduce stress and increase relaxation.
  2. Breathe2Relax
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Provides information about the stress response and its effect on the body, teaching users diaphragmatic breathing to help reduce tension and stress.
  3. Deep Relax
    Platform: iOS
    Price: Free, additional sound add-ons for $3.99
    Description: Deep Relax allows users to mix sounds to create their own relaxing melodies that can be a good accompaniment to meditation. The app also has clock, timer, and alarm features.
  4. Relax Melodies: Sleep and Yoga
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Features a variety of white noise, ambient sounds, and melodies that can be mixed together to assist with meditation, sleep, and relaxation.

Stress Relief

  1. Happify
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Description:  Happify allows users to establish personal goals and then suggests activities consistent with these goals, including strategies to help cope with stress, challenge negative thoughts, and build self-confidence.
  2. Optimism
    Platform: iOS
    Price: Free
    Description: Optimism provides a format for tracking moods and emotional “triggers” to assist users in understanding related patterns. This information can then be used to develop strategies for responding to stressors and maintaining positive mood.
  3. Positive Activity Jackpot
    Platform: Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Uses the concept of pleasant event scheduling to assist users in finding nearby options for fun activities and allows users to invite friends. The app can also generate suggestions for activities in the user’s area.
  4. Take a Break! Guided Meditations for Stress Relief
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Provides two meditation recordings, “Work Break” or “Stress Relief” that can be listened to with or without accompanying music and nature sounds.

Improving Sleep

  1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: $2.99
    Description: Deep Sleep uses guided meditation to help clear a user’s mind and achieve deep, restful sleep.
  2. Pzizz
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Pzizz uses voice, sound effects, and music to create unique soundtracks to help users fall asleep. A different soundtrack is created each time a user plays it (over 100 billion combinations possible).
  3. SleepBot Sleep Cycle Alarm
    Platform: Android
    Price: Free
    Description: Records movements and sound while sleeping to provide a comprehensive sleep analysis. Allows users to review their sleep statistics, provides resources to help fall asleep, and utilizes an alarm that awakens users during their lightest sleep cycle.
  4. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
    Platform: iOS
    Price: $1.99
    Description: Monitors movement during sleep and provides users with their sleep statistics. The alarm feature awakens users during their lightest sleep phase to make waking easier.
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