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To provide a range of psychological services that serve to empower, support, and assist students in the pursuit of their personal, professional, and academic endeavors.


Integrity and Ethical Practice

  • Skilled and culturally competent clinicians who adhere to standards of best practices, participate in continuing education efforts, and engage in ongoing evaluation of services to ensure high quality
  • Clinicians and staff who conduct themselves and implement programs and services with the highest of professional standards
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality and protection of client information

Social Justice and Multicultural Competence

  • Celebration of individual and cultural differences
  • Foster a campus community that promotes inclusivity and respects the dignity of every individual
  • Clinicians and staff who strive to create a safe and welcoming environment

Holistic Approach

  • Foster and maintain a supportive environment that encourages a balanced lifestyle and self-care
  • Provision of services that take into consideration the whole individual—body, mind, spirit, and emotions

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Engagement in consultation and program development with educational partners
  • Provide education and support to the campus community regarding mental health related topics to increase awareness and reduce stigma


  1. Provide direct clinical services (individual, relationship, and group counseling; crisis intervention) that are free, confidential, and accessible to students.
  2. Provide resources, both in-person and online, to assist students in increasing stress management skills and maintaining healthy lifestyles.
  3. Promote the emotional well-being of the DMU community through delivery of educational workshops, trainings, and outreach programming.
  4. Promote inclusion, understanding, affirmation, and celebration of diverse identities and cultures within the DMU community.
  5. Be active members of the campus community by establishing collaborative relationships, providing consultation and support to faculty and staff, and participating in campus organizations and/or groups.
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