Occupational therapy students may be eligible for a dual degree leading to a master of public health (M.P.H.) or a master of health care administration (M.H.A.).

Clinical dual degree students have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills, understand health care needs and most importantly, enhance their medical and professional careers by learning to perceive issues from a broader-based point of view than their colleagues. These perspectives help them to see health care services in terms of community or population needs, look for ways to provide access through health policy initiatives or gain an understanding of administrative challenges facing medical directors and physician leaders.

Geared toward working adults, the classes are offered in an evening, weekend and online format. This flexible scheduling accommodates dual degree students as well, since clinical classes are held during the day.

Master of health care administration (M.H.A.)

The M.H.A. curriculum is designed to support health services management professionals. Courses provide an opportunity for students to develop their management skills and expand their understanding of the health care delivery system.

Students must complete 48 semester hours to earn the M.H.A. degree. The health care administration program can be completed entirely online. Visit the health care administration section of our website for more information and specifics about the M.H.A. degree.

Master of public health (M.P.H.)

The M.P.H. program is designed to provide students with the skills to lead community efforts in improving the health of populations of all ages. Courses provide the opportunity for students to develop skills in identifying, resolving and preventing health problems that affect communities and populations.

Students must complete 45 semester hours to earn the M.P.H. degree. The public health program will recognize up to 6 credit hours from the clinical program toward completion of a dual degree. Visit the public health section of our website for more information and specifics about the M.P.H. degree.

Application procedure

 For dual degree applications, please visit each program’s page:

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