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Supporting Occupational Engagement, Health and Wellbeing Through Compassionate Care

The O.T.D. curriculum consists of 33 months of rigorous study, divided into eight terms. The first five sequential terms include didactic coursework with integrated Level I fieldwork opportunities. These follow with two terms of experiential courses (Level II Fieldwork). The curriculum culminates through the Doctoral Capstone Experience and Project in the final term.

The O.T.D. curriculum is designed with intentional and consistent reinforcement and repetition of concepts. There is ongoing complexity and progression through application and integration which prepares students in the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed for occupational therapy practice.

We are proud of the breadth and depth of our curriculum along with its focus on occupation-centered and evidence-based practice, ethical values, leadership, advocacy, scholarship, innovation, and interprofessional collaboration.

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Summer Term
(June - July)
Fall Term
(August - December)
Spring Term
(January - May)
Year 1   18 Total Credits
Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology (5 credits)
Evidence-Based Occupational Therapy Practice (3 credits)
Professional Reasoning 1 (1 credit)
Foundations of OT (4 credits)
Conditions Affecting Occupation (4 credits)
Occupational Health & Wellness: Population Perspective (1 credit)
18 Total Credits
Professional Reasoning 2 (2 credits)
Human Behavior & Lifespan Development (3 credits)
OT Process 1: Evaluation (5 credits)
Functional Neuroscience (4 credits)
The OT Scholar 1 (2 credits)
Care Coordination & Collaborative Practice (2 credits)
Year 2 9 Total Credits
OT Process 2: Technology & Environmental Intervention (4 credits)
OT Process 3: Preparatory Methods Intervention (5 credits)
18.5 Total Credits
NAMI Provider Education Program for O.T.D. (0.5 credit)
Capstone Preparation 1 (1 credit)
The OT Scholar 2 (2 credits)
The OT Entrepreneur 1 (2 credits)
OT Process 4: Psychosocial Intervention (4 credits)
OT Process 5: Rehab, Disability & Participation Intervention 1 (3 credits)
OT Process 6; Intervention for Children & Youth (6 credits)
18 Total Credits
Capstone Preparation 2 (1 credit)
The OT Scholar 3 (2 credits)
Professional Reasoning 3 (3 credits)
The OT Entrepreneur 2 (2 credits)
OT Process 7: Rehab, Disability & Participation Intervention 2 (4 credits)
OT Process 8: Health, Wellness & Productive Aging Intervention (4 credits)
Healthcare, Policy & Advocacy in OT (2 credits)
Year 3 13 Total Credits
Level II Fieldwork A (12 credits)
Capstone Preparation 3 (1 credit)
14 Total Credits
Level II Fieldwork B (12 credits)
Capstone Preparation 4 (1 credit)
The OT Practitioner (1 credit)
15 Total Credits
Doctoral Capstone Experience (14 credits)
Doctoral Capstone Project (1 credit)
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