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A problem in paradise…

Every place has its ups and downs, even the paradise that is Hawaii where I’m on rotation. After dealing with what is pictured at right, I started to wonder: “Is it better to deal with snow for a couple months […]

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What can DMU do for you?

So, I’m in Hawaii. Yeah, exactly. It’s awesome. I’d like to say it’s terrible and I’m having a bad time and the weather isn’t cooperating but that’d be a lie. It’s phenomenal and I’m having a wonderful time and it’s

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Cookin’ up a storm!

I like to cook. When I say I like to cook, really I mean cater because I don’t like to cook for myself and I don’t really like to cook for two… I like cooking for parties of 10 or

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There have been an awesome assortment of concerts in Des Moines this summer. I’ve seen Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Gavin DeGraw, Collective Soul, Carolina Liar, Jason Brown, Love and Theft, Gloriana, Emerson Drive, Bucky Covington, John Michael Montgomery and Tracy

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The right way

The D.P.T. ’11s are currently working (or in my case, barely making it) through our upper extremity block. That means we’re studying anything and everything associated with the head, neck, shoulders, arms and chest. During a recent posture lab, it

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I decided this past week, May 2 through May 9, was going to be my BEST WEEK EVER.* How did I come to this conclusion? I was (self) diagnosed with Toomuchstudyitis, was getting kind of restless, and needed an excuse


My special someone

 I catch up with my cousin over the phone once a week and we talk about family, friends, boys, bars, her job and my school. I always enjoy our chat because it gives me some perspective. When you’re in med

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counting the days

  March Madness is finally over. How about that game last night? Pretty sure I just got fouled for even thinking of Tyler Hansbrough. Seriously, you come within a foot of that guy and he’s shooting two.  The good news

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Sign me up for that!

  I finished my taxes the other day, which was a great a feat for me. I think this is the third year I’ve done them without parental assistance and I always get a great sense of achievement after finishing

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