mejaimeThere have been an awesome assortment of concerts in Des Moines this summer. I’ve seen Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves, Gavin DeGraw, Collective Soul, Carolina Liar, Jason Brown, Love and Theft, Gloriana, Emerson Drive, Bucky Covington, John Michael Montgomery and Tracy Lawrence. The only truly important musical encounter, however, has been with the amazingness known as the Eli Young Band.

You may know the EYB from tunes such as “When it Rains” and “Always the Love Songs.” But, trust me, they have WAY more to offer than just those two (check out “Level,” “Guardian Angel,” “Guinevere,” “Show You How to Love Again” and “I Call the Tune”). I have been a HUGE fan of the Band since 2006, but they rarely travel outside of Texas and Oklahoma so seeing them perform live has been pretty much impossible… until now. Des Moines, Iowa… who would have thought?

I attended the Big Country Bash for the sole purpose of catching their act, and had an awesome time the rest of the nine-or-so hours I stayed in Water Works Park taking in all the music, beverages and peculiar outfits (apparently clothing was optional. I wasn’t aware. I’ll know for next time). When I was about to leave, I saw a man attempting to do a pull-up at a Marines tent/recruiting station set up at the Bash. His “technique” was hilarious and I started to say, “Wow, look at this guy…” when I realized it was MIKE ELI of the Eli Young Band! I immediately froze and was pretty much speechless except for I blurted out “AHK! Eli Young Band!”

Mike & Jon from EYB with ME!
Mike & Jon from EYB with ME!

My dear friend and fellow Bash reveler, Jaime, convinced me to go over to them but I remained verklempt and exceptionally awkward and the only word I got out was “Picture?” After the picture, I believe I SKIPPED off and SQUEALED with delight (normal… totally normal).

I was kind of embarrassed by the way things went. I mean, re-playing the situation in my mind I would have said much more than, “picture?” and would have opted NOT to make high-pitched noises. I really wanted to tell them that their music is an important part of my life and that I use their lyrics to get me through trying times. So I decided to step up the awkwardness one more level and write in to the radio station I thought they were going to be on the next morning. Unfortunately, I sent it to the wrong station (yes, there are TWO country stations in Des Moines), so I sent it to the other once I caught my mistake the next day. The radio station producer wrote me back saying, “I definitely remember you. I think the guys will too. I’ll forward your message.”

So, EYB, I hope you got my message! Thanks for the pic! Thanks for the music!
And thank you Des Moines for bringing in such great acts. Looking forward to seeing more!

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