The right way

head tiltThe D.P.T. ’11s are currently working (or in my case, barely making it) through our upper extremity block. That means we’re studying anything and everything associated with the head, neck, shoulders, arms and chest.

During a recent posture lab, it was discovered that I always hold my head with a slight tilt to the right. I immediately thought this had to do with the obvious fact that the left side of my neck is exceptionally graceful and my body just has this innate tendency to show it off. But then I thought more scientifically and decided instead this is clear proof that the right side of my brain is overly dominant.

brain chart

Running through the “Right Brain Functions” is like a checklist of how I live my life. Big picture. Check. “Getting it” vs. comprehending it. Check. Appreciate instead of acknowledge. Check. Know function but not name… I mean who really cares if I know the name of the manipulation I am performing as long as I know it’s needed and it’s working? (Definitely CHECK.)

Perhaps it is somewhat troubling that as a future doctor I will tend to use more feeling than logic and have more belief than knowledge (although I’m positive my fine DMU education will serve me well); but is that really a bad thing? Perhaps emotion, belief, appreciation,and focus on possibilities is what healthcare needs. I can’t wait to provide my patients with a little “Kendall-tilt” care. I hope they’re willing to lean a little too… specifically to the left, so we can see eye-to-eye.

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