elpatiodebauchery1I decided this past week, May 2 through May 9, was going to be my BEST WEEK EVER.*

How did I come to this conclusion? I was (self) diagnosed with Toomuchstudyitis, was getting kind of restless, and needed an excuse to celebrate. I thought, “Why not celebrate an entire week for no real reason at all?” Done and done. Here are the details:

Saturday, May 2:

rfdtvradioTo kick off the BEST WEEK EVER I attended the first Downtown Farmer’s Market of the season! I ate. I bought things. I ate some more. In anticipation of the market resumption, I had created list of vendors I needed to see; “needed to see” meaning I had the need to repeatedly try their samples until I accumulated a meal-like portion. I did just that and left the market fantastically satisfied.

Saturday also marked the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby. I hosted a party complete with benedictine sandwiches, derby pie and, of course, mint juleps. Nobody bet the winner (Mine That Bird) but nobody cared after enjoying the outrageously hilarious post-race interviews of the owner, trainer and jockey (if you watched, you know what I’m talking about). After watching the Derby, I stumbled upon the greatest TV channel ever: RFDTV. Rural Free Delivery TV is phenomenal. My guests and I were captivated for four straight hours by “The Midwest Country Music Theater,” which is kind of like a middle-aged, bedazzled version of “American Idol.” Intermixed in this delightful presentation were commercials for wind up radios. I have never before seen or heard of these, but I am now very interested in purchasing at least one… maybe sixteen. Check your local listings for RFDTV and try your best to catch “Music Theater.” You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, May 3:

This is my asterisk to the week-o-fun. I actually did stuff that needed to be done. We’ll just say the 3 is my Barry Bonds to the BEST WEEK EVER’s record of continuous entertainment.

Monday, May 4:


The Iowa Cubs have a deal called “Dollar Days” that enables patrons to get a ticket to the game, a snack, and a drink for a dollar each. This is an amazing arrangement for anyone, but especially for loan-ridden medical school students. I went to the game with some of my fellow D.P.T. ’11s and had the opportunity to meet students from other programs while “watching” the game. Mingling was definitely one of my objectives for the BEST WEEK EVER and I am pleased the D.O.s and D.P.M.s were receptive to my “aggressive friending.”

Tuesday, May 5:

eatingclipperThe initial notion of a BEST WEEK EVER began with this date. After hour six at the library one day, it donned on me that Cinco de Mayo was going to be on Taco Tuesday! I had been reviewing the gait cycle and my thought process was, “Heel off… toe off… oh my goshm Cinco de Mayo is on Taco Tuesday. It’s like ‘the perfect storm.’” I immediately sent an email to everyone I could think of alerting them of this glorious situation and requesting their support of my attempt to extend the merriment for a whole week. My friends concurred that the circumstances warranted excessive celebration and consented to showing up in espousal of my endeavor.

Almost every week, I and a group of D.P.T. ’11s go to the Yankee Clipper in Ankeny to partake in Taco Tuesday deliciousness. The Clipper tacos are $3, huge and exceptionally scrumptious. Since this week was special, the regulars and I recruited quite a number of classmates to join us.

mestreamersThe arduous trip to Ankeny was supplemented with streamers. I decided it was necessary to deck out the car with orange and blue crepe paper. Good decision on my part because it turns out crepe paper truly adds delight to a drive.

I checked out Courtney’s blog post concerning where to find Cinco de Mayo festivities in Des Moines and decided that El Patio was the spot to hit up after the Clipper. It was a good choice; margaritas and debauchery ensued.

Wednesday, May 6:

I am a broke med school student who has trouble abstaining from anything that can be described as “a good time.” I have a lot of good times that don’t involve money, but in order to continue to allow myself to create and partake in week-long celebrations, I’ve realized I probably need a job. I got one on Wednesday! You are reading the words of the newest member of the library assistant crew. My good times will now take place between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and midnight at the front desk of the DMU library. Stop by to join in the fun.

Thursday, May 7:

Thursday night I had a date. Actually, this wasn’t special because I have a date every Thursday night… at 7 p.m.… with the TV. I don’t watch TV that often but I have become quite involved in Survivor this season. I’ve never watched the show before so a lot of the time I don’t really know what’s going on or why the cast is employing a certain strategy, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is J.T. is one of the remaining castaways and therefore every week I can watch him perform ridiculous feats of strength while listening to his sweet, sweet southern twang. Seriously, J.T. is amazing and I do not miss our date… every Thursday… at 7 p.m… on CBS. Not even when it’s the BEST WEEK EVER.

Friday, May 8:

menatecliveafter5I had a lot of fun to accomplish on Friday. I definitely overbooked myself, but was up to the challenge. The day’s entertainment began with a lunch trip to Manhattan Deli. Manhattan Deli is a small shop on Ingersoll that boasts a delectable array of sandwiches and desserts. I had eaten at the Deli a couple times previously and was excited to try yet another one of their appetizing options. My choice did not disappoint and although I don’t remember the name of the particular sandwich I enjoyed, it doesn’t matter. You can throw a dart at the menu and you’re sure to get something tasty.

The next task on the list-o-fun was Clive After Five. Clive After Five is an “outdoor event featuring bands and cold drinks in a social atmosphere” that takes place at Linnan Park every Friday evening throughout the summer. I enjoyed the band, the cold drinks, and the social atmosphere… or what I refer to as “the trifecta.”

volleysgameImmediately following Clive After Five, I was escorted to Volley’s beach volleyball park to dominate the sand. My accomplices assured me that it didn’t matter I am 5’2”, un-athletic, and haven’t played volleyball in over eight years. They were right. Volley’s is a wonderful place where height, athleticism and ability are irrelevant. Beverage consumption assists in leveling the playing field as well and is considered an integral part of the Volley’s experience. After a couple hours of imbibing, humming “Highway to the Danger Zone” and pretending I know how to spike, I headed home to prepare for the grand finale to my BEST WEEK EVER.

Saturday, May 9:

paintinghabitatingThe conclusion to my week of continuous entertainment started bright and early. The DMU College of Health Science had decided to sign up as a group to work a local Habitat for Humanity project in northeast Des Moines. The D.P.T. ’11s and I worked side by side with DMU PA students and Drake Law School students to help clean and rebuild a neighborhood in need. I helped build a retaining wall and paint a roof, but my favorite undertaking of the day was eating all the wonderful homemade goodies the homeowners provided for us.

After a couple hours of hard work and snacking, I made my way to the Tulip Time Festival in Pella, IA. I had heard stories of Tulip Time from friends and family and had been looking forward to experiencing all its grandeur myself. Pella did not disappoint. The wooden shoes, the Tulip Queens, the Dutch letters and the tractor competitions coalesced into the perfect culmination of the BEST WEEK EVER.

woodenshoeactionEveryone needs a “pick-me-up” every now and again. I encourage everyone to get creative and plan their very own BEST WEEK EVER!

*Please note that I did attend all my regularly scheduled classes while participating in the BEST WEEK EVER. I had my business socks on when it was business time and my party dress on when it wasn’t. 

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