It’s the most wonderful time of the year

_H9N5724.TIFClemson vs. Georgia Tech. Anybody watch last night? If you did, you were treated to an enjoyable, remarkably close game… that I called. I said it was going to be close and I said it was going to be good. Nailed it.

I send an email to my classmates every week with my “What to Watch For” picks of NCAA football matchups. Below is this week’s installment (including last night’s game). If you’d like to receive my picks each week, just comment below with your email address and I’ll save you a spot on the highly coveted “CC list.”

Clemson v #15 GA Tech – 6:30 p.m., ESPN
The Ramblin Wreck are planning a white-out @ Bobby Dodd. Every game between ’96 and ’06 were decided by less than 5 pts. It’s gonna be a good one. I had 2 cousins go to Clemson but I believe in Paul Johnson.

Iowa v ISU – 11:05 a.m., FSN
Iowa, this is not your year. Paul, do it buddy. Do it big. ISU.

Troy v #1 Florida – 11:20 a.m., ESPN360
I think it’s funny they’re taking “heat initiatives” for the game in the Swamp. It’s gonna be hot and it’s probably gonna be ugly. Are we taking bets yet on where the life-size statue of Tebow is going and what traditions will ensue post-establishment?

#9 BYU v Tulane – 2:30 p.m., ESPN2
Look for my brother on TV (athletic director for Tulane and pretty good looking guy)! After last week, my extreme dislike for the Cougars has grown exponentially. Let’s see if my brother’s school can avenge the respect taken from my sister’s school (she’s an OU alum). I’m going to say they probably can’t.

#18 ND v Michigan – 2:30 p.m., ABC
How much does Rich regret his life choices right now? Yikes. Notre Dame is ranked 18th because they’re Notre Dame. It’s at Ann Arbor so I’m giving Blue the edge… and because I’m bitter ND is ranked. Nevada was marginally impressive; let me see what you can do outside of South Bend, Charlie. Probably not much.

UCLA v Tennessee – 3 p.m., ESPN
If you’ve been keeping up with this game throughout the years then you know it’s not particularly friendly… and it became particularly ugly last year (the beginning of the end for Fulmer). Insert Kiffin and it’s a “whole new ball game.” Neuheisel, welcome to Knoxville, where everyone hates you. Tennessee got some votes this past week and I’m predicting they’ll get more after Saturday.

South Carolina v #21 UGA – 6 p.m., ESPN2
Georgia was the only SEC team to lose last week. That means folks are calling for his job. So it goes in the SEC. It will be close, but the Dawgs will get a W in Athens.

Miss State v Auburn – 6 p.m., ESPN360
I broke my hand while pounding a table watching this game last year. You may remember the final score: 3-2. THREE TO TWO. My tigers are going to win again, and hopefully without a return to the ER.

#3 USC v #8 THE Ohio State – 7 p.m., ESPN
THE most overrated rivalry in the history of rivalries. Perhaps THE most overrated team this year/EVERY year. What a joke. OSU could barely escape Navy; I can’t imagine what they’ll do against SC. And yet I’d slightly enjoy seeing them take it just so USC loses. Picking this game is choosing the lesser of two evils so I hope the final score is something like, I don’t know, 3-2 so that neither team gains respect. Someone will win and improve their rank and that will be the topic of my rant next week.

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