OMM-Undergraduate-FellowshipThe osteopathic manual medicine department selects four students from the second-year doctor of osteopathic medicine class to participate in our undergraduate fellowship program. OMM fellows have a long tradition of assisting in the teaching of OMM to first-and second-year students. In fact, many of the OMM faculty here and at other schools have participated in undergraduate fellowships.

Students are chosen to be fellows through an application process. They spend an extra year working integrally within the department. The extra year is divided into blocks during the fellows’ third, fourth and fifth (clinical) years. They spend approximately one-half of their time with the clinicians treating patients of DMU Clinic with direct supervision. The other half of their time is involved in teaching, with demonstrations to large groups in OMM labs, one-on-one sessions in this same setting and even presentation of OMM lectures for an entire class.

Their roles extend beyond the more obvious of teaching students and treating patients, as they are truly representatives of the OMM department and DMU at events on and off campus. These include the Osteopathic Finish Line and Drake Clinic as well as in roles as ambassadors for DMU when they meet with applicants interviewing for the osteopathic program.


D.O. Class of 2017

  • Allison Juba
  • Molly Olson
  • Chelsey Shoemaker
  • Garth Summers

D.O. Class of 2018

  • Ashley Bedi
  • Mark Braden
  • Kimberly Miller
  • Molly Perres

D.O. Class of 2019

  • Amber Brown
  • Jon Pickos
  • AJ Sheehan
  • Alyssa Warden