Recognizing the classes of 1970, '71, '72, '80, '81 and earlier

Create new memories with your fellow alumni

Reconnect with classmates, celebrate your graduation milestone, and reflect on the twists, turns and trips you've taken since your days as a student.

Whether you attended COMS, UOMHS or DMU…you can look back with pride at your education. But don’t limit yourself to just looking back, make plans now to join us on campus to celebrate YOU! The weekend festivities include a glimpse into the lives of current students, quality time with your classmates, and a special alumni award ceremony honoring your reunion milestone.

See below for more reunion details including COVID-19 Protocols, Schedule of Events, Who’s Coming, Hotel Accommodations and more! Masks are currently required on campus.

Have questions?

Let us contact you, or call the Development and Alumni Relations Office at 515-271-1463.

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