In addition to the Osteopathic Finish Line (OFL) experience, DMU’s OMM department provides learning opportunities in OMM through elective course work and access to supervised patient care in the Sports Medicine teaching of osteopathic principles and practice to students (TOPPS) experience.

Second-year students have an opportunity to attend didactic training sessions designed to prepare them to provide supervised osteopathic manual care for collegiate-level track and field, cross country and soccer athletes. Our arrangement with the Drake University athletic department gives our students opportunities to use hands-on approaches to try and help these athletes to improve their endurance and overall level of performance. We stress prevention, early recognition and treatment of many common sports-related injuries.

To our knowledge, this experience is unparalleled in other medical training institutions. Our growing relationship with the Drake University athletic department is truly a symbiotic relationship with the benefit of state-of-the-art supervised osteopathic manual medicine for their athletes and first-hand experience for our osteopathic medical students.

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