Osteopathic finish lineAnother area in which the OMM department provides learning opportunities in osteopathic manual treatment (OMT) is through supervised patient care in the Osteopathic Finish Line (OFL) experience. Des Moines has a growing number of community athletic competitions, and organizers often ask the University to provide participating athletes with OMT.

Department members and student volunteers attend these events, where students have opportunities to develop their manual and patient interaction skills on real patients under careful, direct supervision. At any given event, a student may treat from five to ten event participants.

The uniqueness of the OFL experience and the sheer volume of student-patient interactions have lead to growth in our students’ skills and confidence. Furthermore, the OFLs are a wonderful way to give the community exposure to the benefits of OMT and the training DMU provides its students. The OFLs, which are run through our student organization, the Undergraduate American Academy of Osteopathy (UAAO), have also contributed to DMU receiving National UAAO Club of the Year awards.

Learn more about OFL: OMM powers athletic performance DMU Magazine Fall/Winter 2010.

Osteopathic finish line

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